UP9 has recently released a new version of our open source project: Mizu.

Mizu is an open source, multi-protocol API traffic viewer for Kubernetes that was launched in July.

Through our continuing efforts to observe API traffic between microservices, we were able to isolate a chunk of our technology and package it as an open source project. We also gave it a name — Mizu — a Japanese word that means “water.”

##Version 0.14.0

In September, we released a new version of Mizu. Version 0.14.0 features the following:

  1. Support for new protocols: AMQP and Kafka
  2. Added new docs: Code of Conduct, Testing Guidelines
  3. Improved test coverage by adding new acceptance test
  4. In case of new version a CLI (download) command will be shown (no need to open a web browser)

The biggest change is AMQP and Kafka support. Viewing API traffic between microservices is essential if you want to understand the root cause of problems found in complex distributed systems, and we are helping developers with this observability.

##Additional Mizu Updates

In addition to the latest release, our Co-Founder and Vice President of Customer Experience Refael Botbol Weiss gave a short demo at ASC 2021 about some of Mizu’s upcoming capabilities.

The video below outlines a new feature we are planning to add soon: how you can use Mizu to apply SLO's on real-time Kubernetes cluster traffic.

Visit this link if you would like to download the deck from the video.

If you would like to learn more about Mizu, here's an introductory video about the product:

Additionally, you can read more about Mizu in our introductory blog here.

##Download Links and Support

Mizu is available to download as an executable binary or as source code directly from its GitHub repository.

Mizu introduces many more features that you can read about in the following resources:

  1. https://github.com/up9inc/mizu/
  2. https://getmizu.io/
  3. https://up9.com/docs/open-source-tools/mizu/what-is-mizu

For support, feel free to use any of these:

  1. Join our community Slack at https://up9.slack.com
  2. Email support@up9.com
  3. Use our in-app messaging application to start a conversation

About UP9

Founded in 2019 by a group of engineers and developers, UP9 is an API observability and test automation platform for cloud-native systems that can scale across any number of services.

UP9 helps developers prevent software regressions and increase engineering productivity through effortless testing and instant virtualization. Additionally, we help developers understand how services interact with each other with automatic contract discovery, and ensure system-wide contract adherence with tests that write themselves.

We start testing early with test environments as code, automatically mocking all service dependencies. UP9 offloads the microservice testing workload from developers, giving them precious time back.

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